Developing a Shared Vision for Clinical Education

Important Information Regarding Developing a Shared Vision for Clinical Education

Kansas CityWe have reached an important point in our journey toward the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) initiative of developing a shared vision for clinical education with the just-released May 2014 special issue of the Journal of Physical Therapy Education! The journal contains seven position papers that articulate possibilities for the future of clinical education and will serve as a platform for discussions leading up to the Clinical Education Summit, to be held October 12 – 13 in Kansas City, Missouri, where we anticipate reaching agreement on best practices in PT clinical education.

See our Resource PageĀ Developing A Shared Vision of Clinical Education on our website to find out more.

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    It is because of the differences in teachers’ and administrators’ perspectives that makes the development of a shared vision important. School administrators who have developed a shared vision with their faculty have created common ground that serves to facilitate or promote action toward the realization of their vision.

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