Our new website, designed to increase the ease of communication and collaboration with clinical partners, is another great example of the consortium schools working together for the important goal of advancing physical therapy clinical education. — Deborah Pelletier

The mission of the New England Consortium of Clinical Educators (NECCE) is threefold:

(1) To promote, support, and serve as a model for developing partnerships between clinical faculty and academic educators from the physical therapy programs of New England;

(2) To collaborate in efforts to provide excellence in clinical education for all students; and

(3) To serve as a resource for the education of clinical faculty

For more information about the NECCE’s member institutions, please look at our Membership page.


Goals of the Consortium

To promote cooperative efforts in clinical education in the areas of:

– Administrative Tasks
– Streamlining of Tasks
– Networking of Efforts

To promote cooperative efforts in clinical faculty development

To cooperate in the identification and development of research efforts in clinical education.