“Committee work enables the NECCE members to develop specific areas of interest that will extend our resources beyond our consortium walls.”


To help streamline activities and encourage the delegation of activities, the Consortium adopted a committee structure in 1996. Four standing committees were established at that time with a fifth committee, Awards, added in 1999. Each Committee elects a chairperson for the term of two years. These Committees may schedule meetings in conjunction with or independent of Consortium meetings. Committees may be charged with tasks at Consortium meetings in addition to independently identifying and responding to needs of the membership. Each committee will report and/or bring recommendations forward to the membership at each Consortium meeting.

Administrative/Legislative/Finance Committee

Purpose: Development of NECCE policy and procedures and oversight of financial status and decision-making.

Committee chair: Maria Cusson, Quinnipiac University

The Administrative/Legislative/Finance Committee was established to act as a liaison between the New England Consortium (NEC) and other communities of interest; to review, develop and interpret policy and procedure related to NEC activities; and to manage various administrative tasks on an ad hoc basis. Responsibilities for Consortium finance also fall under the purview of this committee. This committee is responsible, along with the Treasurer, for responsibly managing the fiscal resources of the Consortium.

Awards Committee

Purpose: To annually recognize outstanding clinical educators.

Awards Committee Chair – Debbie Bangs, Northeastern University

The Awards Committee was established as a standing committee in 1999 to insure that a mechanism remains in place to annually recognize outstanding clinical educators. Several awards are given each year. Nominations for awards may come from the students, New England Consortium members, or colleagues of the nominee.

Education Committee

The Education Committee was established in 2012 as a merger of the Clinical Faculty Institutes and Clinical Instructor Workshops subcommittees.

Education Committee Chair – Anne Marie Dupre, University of Rhode Island

Research Committee

Purpose: To facilitate ongoing assessment of clinical education needs and practices through focused research efforts.

Research Committee chair: Julie Booth, Quinnipiac University

The Committee provides a mechanism for members to stay abreast of current research projects and promote opportunities for collaboration between ACCE/DCEs and CCCEs/CIs.  The Research Committee will identify opportunities to promote Consortium research activities to the broader clinical community.

Website/Technology Committee

Purpose: To streamline communication with clinical faculty and facilitate access to Consortium news and resources utilizing the internet and other forms of technological content.

Website/Technology Committee chair: Caitlin Fitzgerald, MGH Institute of Health Professions

The Website/Technology Committee was established in 2012 to work with Jeffrey A. Shaw of Envision Marketing & Design, Inc. to design the new Consortium website with timely, relevant resources, and communication, in order to support CCCEs and CIs striving to provide quality learning experiences and to enhance clinicians’ professional development

Clinical Faculty Institutes

Purpose: To offer continuing education opportunities for CCCEs and CIs.

Committee co chair: Anne-Marie Dupre, University of Rhode Island & Mary Beth Holmes, Boston University

The Clinical Faculty Institute is a continuing education offering, currently held once or twice per year (spring and fall) as a means of expressing appreciation for the dedication, energy and supervision that affiliating clinical education centers have shown to the education of future physical therapists matriculating in Consortium schools. Registration fees for participants, as well as speaker honoraria and travel expenses are underwritten by the Consortium and supported by a fee assessed to each school annually.

The consortium provides courses in central locations to accommodate access for participants throughout the New England region. The format for each Clinical Faculty Institute varies with the topic. Depending on the nature of the session, courses may be full or half day formats. Please refer to Events for current information.

Clinical Instructor Workshops

Purpose: To conduct basic and advanced training workshops for clinical instructors of PT and PTA students.

Committee Chair: Olga McSorley, Franklin Pierce University

APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP)

Members of the New England Consortium have been committed to the education of clinical instructors since 1985 and began offering workshops on a basic and advanced level in 1986, in locations around New England.

In the fall of 1995, as a result of an APTA grant awarded to three Consortium members (Nancy Peatman, Lynn Foord, and Mike Emery) the Consortium piloted a new format of clinical instructor education and credentialing with an accompanying assessment center. The structure and content of the new two-day workshop was based on previous efforts of the New England Consortium. A six-station assessment center was added to measure outcomes of the educational program.

In March of 1996, the Board of Directors of the APTA approved and adopted this format as a standard for the Association. As a result, the APTA sponsored the first “Train the Trainers” workshop in San Diego in June of 1997 to prepare individuals to present the workshop information and administer the assessment center nationwide. Nancy, Lynn, and Mike, as well as Jody (Gandy) Frost, Director of Clinical Education at APTA served as faculty for this workshop in which 38 persons were trained to manage this educational program in other regions of the country. The Department of Education at APTA maintains an ongoing list of credentialed Trainers and Clinical Instructors.

“Train the Trainer” workshops are coordinated through APTA. If you are interested in becoming a Trainer, watch for the “Call for Participants” in APTA publications or contact Jody as above.

To identify a Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program in your area, check Year at a Glance on this website. Should you wish to offer this credentialing workshop in your area, please contact one of our trainers. Credentialed Trainers of the New England Consortium include:

Beverly Fein
Diana Kenney
Janna Kucharski Howard
Sally McCormack Tutt
Olga McSorley
Karen Morren
Denise Ward
Ellen Wetherbee

New England Consortium Efforts

Over the past several years, the Workshop Committee has developed additional educational presentations for clinical instructors. These programs have been presented in various formats throughout New England, but do not occur on a fixed schedule. In the past, topics included “The Complete Guide to Implementing the 2:1 Model in Clinical Education”. Current offerings include a one-day CCCE Training Workshop that has been presented in the spring since 2000. Please refer to the Calendar section of this website for dates and locations of courses being offered by the Workshop Committee.