Clinical Education Resources

“We strive to continually renew and provide resources to our students and clinical partners.”

Clinical Education Resources

Peatman Clinical Faculty Institute Fall 2018 – Franklin Pierce University

Student Anxiety in the Clinic: What to Know and How to Build Resiliency

Dori Hutchison, ScD, CPRP, CFRP

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Peatman Clinical Faculty Institute Fall 2017 – Springfield College

Clinical Reasoning: How to Facilitate Student Learning in the Clinic

Lisa Giallonardo, PT, MS, OCS and Karen Huhn, PT, PhD

Presentation Slides Part 1

Presentation Slides Part 2


Resources for CPI:

Please note that the online APTA Web CPI has a pdf copy of the 18 behavioral objectives of the CPI, descriptions of the quality indicators, and descriptions of each of the evaluative points on the scale of “Beginner” to “Beyond Entry-Level.”  Please note that the home page for the CPI also has a “Weekly Planning Form”, “Critical Incident Report Form” and “Negotiated Learning Contract.”

Resources for the development of a clinical education program:

Go to the APTA website at   Click on Careers and Education tab.  You will see a section, “Information For Educators.”  Click on “Clinical Educators.”   You will see resources for CCCEs, topics on ethics related to students and guidelines for clinical education site development, just to name a few resources.   This area is open to non-ATPA members.

Medicare issues related to students:

Please go to  for an explanation of how Medicare regulations affect students.  This section appears within the “Payment” tab on the APTA website.

APTA Communities:

You will see a button at the top of the APTA website that has a button for “APTA Communities.”  In order to enter this part of the website, you do need to be an APTA member.  This section has interactive blogs and links to meeting minutes about the Academic Council and clinical education consortia.  There are other areas in this section of the APTA’s  website related to research and practice.