About Us


Training students to become future physical therapists requires students to have a mixture of didactic and practical experiences. In order for students to have adequate clinical preparation, it is essential for academic and clinical faculty to work collaboratively so that students will have clinical experiences which prepare them for their professional lives. The New England Consortium of Clinical Educators (NECCE) is committed to providing clinicians with resources to assist them in developing clinical education skills, keep them informed of changes within the profession that will influence clinical education, and developing partnerships with academic faculty to further research related to clinical education.

The NECCE is a consortium of Directors of Clinical Education (DCEs) and Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education (ACCEs) from the 17 academic physical therapy programs in New England.  We work collaboratively to provide clinicians with the resources and information to enhance the clinical teaching environment.

The New England Consortium was established in 1985, when the ACCEs from the accredited entry level programs met informally in Biddeford, Maine. It was unanimously decided at that first meeting that collaboration was essential if clinical education was to move forward. The Consortium is a non-profit organization that became incorporated in May of 1987.

For more information about the NECCE’s member institutions, please look at our Membership page.