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The member schools in the New England Consortium are extremely grateful for the support and cooperation clinical educators have given to our physical therapy students over the years. They have provided vital training to students so that they may perform safely and effectively in the clinical environment. In appreciation of these efforts, we have instituted two annual awards for clinical educators.

NECCE Clinical Educator of the Year Award

We acknowledge and honor physical therapists who demonstrate exemplary skills and commitment in educating our physical therapy students. Eligible individuals for the Clinical Educator of the Year Award include therapists who have been clinical instructors and/or site coordinators of clinical education (SCCEs). Awardees are formally recognized each year at the Clinical Faculty Institute, receiving a certificate and honorarium to be used toward continued professional clinical development.

Past Awardees


  • Nikki Foley, Pathways Healthcare
  • Madison Horner, Vineyard Complementary Medicine

Who can be nominated? Clinical Instructors, and SCCEs.

Who can nominate? Clinical Instructors, SCCEs, Department Directors, Students

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Nominate Your Favorite Clinical Faculty Member


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    Is the Nominee an APTA member?

    Is the Nominee an APTA certified clinical instructor?

    Please write a nomination which responds to some or all of the questions below:

    1. Does this individual show a consistent, exemplary commitment to clinical education? Please give a brief description of any events or activities that you feel best describe how this individual has demonstrated this commitment.

    2. Describe the nominee’s teaching abilities. You could include the ability to organize a learning activity or experience, ability to deliver information or provide feedback, ability to modify the information to meet the needs of the learner, etc.

    3. Has this individual developed any new, unique, or innovative teaching programs? Has this person creatively handled clinical education issues at his or her facility?

    4. Describe the nominee’s ability to handle challenging situations in his or her clinical setting.

    5. Does this individual have any special qualities or personal attributes that you feel are exemplary (i.e., flexibility, empathy, organizational skills, etc)?

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