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In Memoriam: Micki Harris (1960-2013)

It is with great sadness that NEC-ACCE shares the news about the passing of Micki Harris, PT, DPT on October 4, 2013. Micki served as the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) and Assistant Professor at Simmons College. She was a graduate of Simmons College with a BS, PT Certificate in 1982 and a tDPT in 2007.  Micki was very active with NEC-ACCE, and spearheaded the redesign of the Consortium’s website, which she considered to be part of her legacy.

Previously she was the ACCE at Hesser College (Manchester, NH) PTA program  and Northeastern University, DPT Program. She was an APTA Trainer for the Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program and had a passion for active teaching techniques and approaches to bridge the generational gap with students and colleagues. She is survived by her husband of 33 years, Steve Harris of Litchfield, NH; her daughter, Christina Harris of Boston; her son, Daniel Harris of Litchfield and his wife Christina; and her granddaughter, Annabelle Rose Harris of Litchfield. Memorial contributions may be made to American Lung Association of NH, 460 Totten Pond Road, Suite 400, Waltham, MA 02451.


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